Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naruto Fanart and Some random Stuff

Man I am really sick today. Yesterday I was feeling a little sore and the day before that I had a headache. Apparently those two things were leading up to what I feel today which is just awful. Yesterday I was able to draw up a few pictures. None of these are old art work but If I cant manage to draw anything today then tomorrow you will see some old concept art for a comic. They are pretty cool and they are for a friends comic called MAdENds.
So yeah. For some reason even though I have not seen this anime and for ever I decided to do some quick fan art. Took me about 15 minutes to do in GIMP.
Also done in GIMP this was originally going to be some resident evil fan art but that did not last long. This one took me about 45 minutes to do and I like how it came out.
This was done during my writing for animation class again. Spent probably about 1.5 hours on it and it was done in photoshop. This picture was done last night when I was feeling pretty bad but not as bad as I am today. That is why it took so long to do and did not come out all that great. I like the concept though.

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